Frog Hall and nearby, 2004

Frog Hall pub, Layerthorpe, 15 Aug 2004

Frog Hall pub, Layerthorpe, 15 Aug 2004

On the morning of 15 August 2004 I went out wandering with my camera on one of the ‘York Walks’ of that year (archived as they were back then on this link), for the York Stories website (as it became). At about 9.20am I was on Marygate, and then wandered through town and down towards Stonebow. Then continued on past Stonebow to the Frog Hall on Layerthorpe, getting there at 10.25am. I then crossed the road to go up Hallfield Road, and took a few photos there, then headed back home via the alley between Layerthorpe and Heworth Green (known to some readers perhaps as Fawdington Lane), ending up by the remains of the gasworks entrance.

The photos below can be enlarged to show the original size, though they’re still quite small, as it was 11 years ago and my camera was basic and my memory card was small. Also, they haven’t been straightened or improved, and a few are very wonky. But I hope they’re of interest.

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  1. Interesting, frog used to be our local when we lived in hawthorne Street, what was the name of the other pub down the road?

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