Questionnaire: living in Layerthorpe

If you lived in the Layerthorpe area before the demolition of its terraced streets I’d be grateful if you could complete this questionnaire:

Layerthorpe Project: memories and thoughts of former residents

It was inspired by the many comments on the Lost Layerthorpe page on the York Stories website and is a way of following up and expanding on the many memories shared there.

Street sign for Redeness St, with modern buildings behind


  1. Terry Morrison

    Great idea looking back on layerthorpe things were a bit tough like no bathrooms and out side toilets

  2. Terry Morrison

    My mother had the greengrocers next to the scrap yard, she ran a tick book , where she wrote down everything a resident of layerthorpe would buy and then pay for it all on the Friday, we had no bathroom only a tin bath which hung up in the back yard like everyone else down layerthorpe and all the streets off

  3. My mother lived at 1 Hawthorne Grove, just over the railway way bridge at the top of Layerthorpe. I have photos of my mother in the ARPS in Layerthorpe in WW2.
    Also have memories of staying at the same house as a child and listening to the buses coming over the bridge. We used to visit a small shop selling sweets a few doors down on the left over the bridge.

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