Layerthorpe (road)

Terry Morrison lived at 75 Layerthorpe (Marian’s fruit shop) from 1956-1969:

We lived behind the shop, there was a cellar , and above was a living room with a small scullery, above the shop was a front room with a bedroom at the back, up another floor were two more bedrooms. We had a small back yard with outside toilet. The views from my top back bedroom was the gas omiters i could see the old county hospital and osis scrap yard. In the winter our windows had ice on the insides I would get dressed for school in front of the fire down stairs which my mum would light first thing every day.

Photos from the city archives


  1. Mike Kettlewell

    Here’s another photo from Layerthorpe which you may like to add to the above. It’s of John Bull Yard – no prizes for guessing which pub it was situated behind.

  2. Thanks Mike. Was down there last week, standing on the car showroom grounds and trying to remember the John Bull beer garden and work out how everything fitted in to the landscape.

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