Portland Place


Portland Place on the 1852 map (from www.yorkmaps.net/1852)

Though it appears to have disappeared off the map by the mid 20th century, Portland Place, off Layerthorpe, is prominent in the 1852 map of the Layerthorpe area. Mike Kettlewell’s ancestors lived there. Thanks to Mike for completing the questionnaire and providing this information:

Portland Place was accessed via a passage on the main Layerthorpe Road and was the 3rd yard on the left hand side, walking from Layerthorpe Bridge (John Bull Yard and Chickory Yard being the 1st and 2nd respectively, in 1909).

Mike’s ancestors lived at number 10, from around October 1904 to about September 1909. The house was rented, owned by George Rawling. Mike writes:

10 Portland Place was built in 1849. It was a 3 roomed house situated at the bottom of the yard, on the right hand side: beyond it was a wall which seperated it from the shallow river bank.

My ancestors who resided at the house in Portland Place were; George Casper (born 1848, died 23rd May 1912 York Union Workhouse); Mary Casper (nee Davis, b1848, d10th December 1909 York Union Workhouse): my great grandparents. Their children; George Henry Casper (b1875, d1951 York); Thomas William Casper (b1880, d1910 York); Lily Casper (b1882, d1908 10 Portland Place); Charlotte Casper (b1885, d1956 York); Peter Casper (b1888, d1950 York); Annie Casper (my gran, b1892, d1946); and also my grandad, William Richard Gray (b1887, d1974). In 1907 there were 9 family members living in 3 rooms in Portland Place.




  1. George Wallace

    My grandfather is to be found in 1881 census transcribed as Kershan in error. The correct surname is Kershaw. He (Hugh aged 3) was living with his 4 siblings, father, a fellmonger, Hugh Kershaw 33 born in Windsford and mother Mary Alice Bramham 30 born in Wath upon Dearn. I had an idea Portland Place had been destroyed but pleased when I found this mention in Layerthorpe.

  2. George Wallace

    Forgot to mention that the Kershaw family were living at 62 Portland Place in the 1881 census. The 1891 census has them all (plus 2 girls)in Baildon, West Yorkshire.

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