Rymer Street

Thanks to Trev A, who lived at 30 Rymer Street between 1935 and 1960, for the following memories and description (via the questionnaire):

It was called a two up and a two downer. The front room (Sitting room) was for special occasions i.e. Easter, Christmas and if any relatives came to visit then out came the china tea set. The back room was kitchen/dinner room where we all ate our meals. Upstairs two bed rooms and they were cold during winter no double glazing in them days. The front bed room over looked Rymer St; back bed room overlook the lane way also could see ‘Laycocks Field’. The back yard was concrete with a outside toilet and during winter you did not hang about reading a paper in the toilet.

Bonnie Foster lived at 29 Rymer Street from 1964-1972:

Our house was 2up 2 down with a outside toilet, the bath was in the kitchen.
It was freezing cold in the winter, it was a very small house 3 to one bedroom but i have fond memories of my time there, everyone was so friendly

The city archives online collection had no photos of Rymer Street, but we’ve since been sent two photos of the street before it was demolished.


  1. Jack & Norina Smith (Parents)

    I was born at 29 Rymer Street in 1959.I think we moved in 1961.

    • Hi Jack and Norma,
      My great grandparents Arthur and Emily Harrison lived at 29 Rymer street. In fact my grandmother Ada Jemima was born in that house in 1902. I wonder when they were built, any ideas?

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