Redeness Street

Black and white photo of street of terraced houses and pub

George IV pub, Redeness Street. Photo: Explore York Libraries and Archives

Trevor Keeler lived at 23 Redeness Street from 1941 to 1957. In the questionnaire he described his home:

4 rooms, toilet (flushed) in backyard. House Always seemed warm. Had electricity in each room. No hot water. Bath was made of tin and kept in yard. I used to climb in through back bedroom window as the dog would not let me through the yard door. From my window I could see across to Kidds Terrace and the railway yard in Hallfield road. Our house was one of the few with a backdoor.


  1. Andi Brigham

    My mother disagrees with the photo of Bilton Street School being moved to Redeness Street, as the street light shown on this photo was right outside her bedroom window at 23 Bilton Street. I believe the confussion could be that the School was called Bilton Street School although the entrance was on Redness Street, to access the school my mum would walk through Pumpy Passge from Bilton Street into Redeness Street, hope this clears things up?

  2. Patricia Taylor

    Sandra Wreglesworth what is your mum and dads first names because my cousin thinks she knows them

  3. Vicky Wilkie

    Hi I’m doing some research on my great grandmother. Hannah Mary Fields. Her family lived on Redeness street and she lived there after she married (she married twice as both her husbands died) On the 1939 register it looks like she’s listed at 7 N.A.B club. Does anyone know what this means? Sorry if it’s really obvious.

  4. Annette hollingsworth

    Hi , my grandmother lived on Redness street during the First World War .my dad was born in that street .she died in nov 1918 in the flue epidemic . My dad was only 5 months old .
    Does anyone have anymore photos of Redness st ,also she worked in Regent street at age 15 I think near by ,as a domestic servant . Does anyone remember Regent st or any photos of it ,I don’t think it’s there anymore ….thank you

  5. Vicky Wilkie

    Hi I’m researching the Douglass family who lived on Redness street. In 1939 my great grandmother Hannah Elizabeth is listed as living at the N.A.B club. Does anyone know what this was or has any photos? She’s a widow with 3 children.

    • Vicky Wilkie

      Sorry just looked at the actual record and she’s actually living next to the N.A.B club.

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